The Cure : I Can Never Say Goodbye

22 octobre 2022 à 16h12

The Cure a démarré sa tournée mondiale 2022-2023, et commence a jouer quelques extraits de son futur album, qui sortira d'ici quelques semaines et qui se nommera "Songs Of A Lost World ".

Ils dévoilent depuis quelques jours sur scène quelques titres de cet album, notamment "Alone", "Endsong", "And Nothing Is Forever " et " I Could Never Say Goodbye ", une très belle chanson posée sur une mélodie mélancolique 100% identifiable "The Cure"; un brin mélancolique car cette chanson, entre autres, a été écrite dans un contexte ou en très peu de temps, Robert Smith a connu plusieurs : sa maman, son papa, et son frère.


The Cure has started its 2022-2023 world tour, and is starting to play some extracts from its future album, which will be released in a few weeks and which will be called "Songs Of A Lost World".

They have been unveiling for a few days on stage some titles of this album, in particular "Alone", "Endsong", "And Nothing Is Forever" and "I Could Never Say Goodbye", a very beautiful song set on a 100% identifiable melancholic melody " The Cure"; a bit melancholy because this song, among others, was written in a context where in a very short time, Robert Smith knew many: his mom, his dad, and his brother.

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